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Teacher leadership involves leading the charge outside of the classroom. Often, people lump teacher leaders with team leaders, but this is inaccurate. The leadership role of a teacher isn’t found in a job title. It’s considered to be a process; it’s one that involves working with colleagues, staff, and administrators to bring change to the school. In turn, this will be beneficial to the students. There are certain traits that are exclusive to teacher-leaders such as the willingness to explore different avenues in order to bring about much-needed change to the school. Let’s take a look at some other traits.

Initiating Change

Teacher-leaders are self-starters. They are not afraid to take the initiative and make it work. 

Education is constantly changing and evolving. As a teacher-leader, one doesn’t shy away from the challenge of adapting. It’s what makes their leadership stand out. If everyone sits idly while change is occurring, the school could find itself in trouble. Whether change comes from within or is brought about by a state or federal law, these leaders will not waver. Once teacher-leaders feel something has to be changed, they will initiate it themselves to relate to the school or their community.

Skill & Knowledge

Sharing and developing expertise is a vital part of a teacher’s leadership role. Gaining personal development is something that all teacher leaders seek out. It’ll enable them to solve problems to create the change that is needed. Teacher leaders also find learning from their colleagues to be quite valuable. They believe that a collaborative effort combining all skills and knowledge will help reach the goal of providing a better learning environment for the students. At the end of the day, it’s the students who matter the most.

Teacher leadership is about taking the initiative. These teachers lead the charge by sharing their skills and knowledge while also developing new ones. They work with other colleagues to ensure that goals are being met to help the students. These teacher leaders are also at the forefront whenever a change is brought about by the school administration or by law. They are not just around to take part but to serve as an example for all.