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Whether you are already in a leadership role or you are aspiring to tap into the leader that exists inside you, engaging in activities that will help grow leadership skills is a valuable investment in yourself. 

A popular activity that may help give you more insight into leaders is joining together with individuals in your circle and sharing your favorite leaders throughout history. Hearing about other’s favorite leaders may spark some new inspiration of what it means to be a leader, and it may give you a new focus on the type of leader you wish to be.

A vital asset that influential leaders tend to have is communication. To boost your communication skills, write out a speech on one of your favorite books, a topic you feel passionate about, or an issue you wish more people would stand up for. Practice the speech multiple times in front of a mirror. Once you feel confident, record your delivery. 

Almost every successful leader has manifested their way to their successes. Manifestation exercises can be an excellent way to improve leadership skills. A couple of popular manifestation techniques are the two-cup method and the 55×5 method.

The two-cup method will require you to write on two separate pieces of paper. One paper will state where you are now, and the other will be where you desire to be. For example, one piece of paper can say “failure to connect with those I’m leading” while the other says “strong bonds to those I lead.” You would then fill a glass of water and place it on the piece of paper stating where you currently are. Also, place an empty glass on top of the paper that says your desired growth trajectory. Pour the water from the full glass into the empty glass. 

The 55×5 method of manifestation requires you to write out a positive affirmation 55 times for 5 days. So if you are hoping to build leadership skills, you could write out something along the lines of “I am a strong leader who connects well with others and grows from each experience acquired.”

Whatever method you choose to take to boost your leadership skills, make sure it is meaningful to you. If it is meaningful to you, it will likely be meaningful to those around you.